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Shirley Aaron


My Books


Drops of Light

DROPS OF LIGHT has been created on the poet’s life experiences and how she perceived those experiences. The book’s purposes are to inspire, comfort, strengthen, and to open one’s eyes to another’s experiences, where reality is gray, not black or white. It deals with love, family, nature, people, and events

Troubling the Ashes

Troubling the Ashes is a work of historical fiction set in the turbulent 1960s when the integration of schools was bringing out the worst in people. The book's narrator, Marley Jane, and her family are living through the aftermath of a school burned to the ground by an unknown perpetrator in a small, Alabama town divided by hate. Based on actual events, likely unknown to the average reader, Troubling the Ashes is a story that needs to be told, and Aaron's passion in telling it is palpable.


Sweet Tea With Lemon

     Sweet Tea with Lemon blends humor and heartache, while dealing with truths about human behavior, as Beulah recalls her friendship with Mavis and Edith. The women share adventures, family, love, and trage­dies, which unite them through difficult times in their lives. The bond between them deepens when Mavis is diagnosed with terminal cancer and is confronted with leaving behind a son who is a drug addict. In the midst of her fears, Mavis learns to face death with dignity.

     Sweet Tea with Lemon is a novel about Southern women who are resilient and strong-willed. They face obstacles with courage, as they look for humor or silver linings in their daily lives. 

Seeking The Holy Ghost

     I didn't take kindly to being called a fool by a seven-year-ole city slicker. "Well, Ashton Grant Pierce, you're dead wrong. There's such things as ghosts. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost." I felt read proud bout my quick-thinking skills. Can't just anybody think fast while arguing with a know-it-all.

     "I don't believe in ghosts, and I don't care about any Holy Ghost. I don't like the idea of ghosts, especially ones that are full of holes," Grant said.

     That was an eye-opening statement and a shocking surprise. Up til then, me, Marley Jane, and Eli had no idea Grant didn't know nothing bout religion, let alone the Holy Ghost.. ..

     A few lies wouldn't hurt, if Grant became acquainted with the Holy Ghost. Me and Marley Jane had suffered through a few lies our parents had uttered for the sake of Christianity. It hadn't done us no harm. We decided Grant would go back to New York City with some Southern religious experiences he'd never forget. 


Moonshine Woods

moonshinewoodscover 2.jpg

   Moonshine Woods takes place in a rural Alabama community, during the summer of 1953. Best friends Tyler, Marley Jane, Eli, and Grant, who call themselves The Hopewell Gang, spend adventuresome days in their small hometown, causing havoc and having fun wherever they go. They are reckless, spunky, dauntless, and entertaining in their pursuit of a grownup secret that concerns moonshine and a place called Moonshine Woods. When Tyler, the protagonist and first-person narrator, decides to uncover the secret, he throws a temporary wrench in their friendship. When they realize that he is determined to discover the secret, they join him in solving the mystery of moonshine.

    Their curiosity about adult secrets causes them to snoop into affairs that are dangerous and puts their lives at risk. Although Tyler’s friends hesitate at the beginning to probe into forbidden subjects, their inquisitiveness soon overrides their doubts. In the process of learning about moonshine, Tyler convinces his friends to investigate a forbidden tunnel. One thing leads to another, and it is not long before they find themselves held hostage by two angry moonshiners. They are relieved when Nigel, a man whom they have feared for years, rescues them from danger.

Ain't No Sunshine On Death Row

    Lincoln Garrett is a well-known attorney who defends inmates on Texas’ death row. He is diligently working to save his client, Silas Burton Hadaway, from a lethal injection. He finally locates and contacts Silas’ mother, who hasn’t seen her son in thirty years. Beulah’s common-law husband, Noah Hadaway, kidnapped Silas when he was four-years-old.

    Beulah makes the journey from Alabama to Texas, in hopes that Garret and she can learn the truth: Did Silas murder the five members of the Foley family or was Noah’s testimony at Silas’ trial a lie? Garret and Beulah began an extensive quest to discover the truth and to save Silas from being executed.

    Meanwhile, Silas refuses to refute Noah’s testimony. In spite of his silence, Garrett and Beulah believe that he and Noah, who is in a Texas’ prison, know who murdered the Foley family. Garrett hopes that Beulah will be able to convince Noah to tell the truth, which might free their son, and that she can convince Silas to assist in saving his own life.

    Multiple surprises occur after Beulah visits Noah. When the truth about who murdered the Foley family is revealed, Garrett wonders if it will be enough to save his client from execution or if the State of Texas will ignore the new evidence. Garrett and his legal team file one appeal after another. The clock is ticking, as Silas’ case moves through the appellate process.

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